NFL Draft 2018 Live

NFL Draft 2018 Live:

Top NFL Draft prospect’s use of racial slur could doom him — and 5 other stories to watch.


The NFL Draft is a premier night for potential stars looking to make a name for themselves and is Christmas come early for the rabid football fan.

But as Thursday night draws near, a possible No. 1 pick’s stock could be falling due to old tweets and a one-armed linebacker is looking to make a splash in the first round. And those are just some of the storylines ahead of the big event.

Josh Allen is rumored to be the top choice for the Cleveland Browns, according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. However, the college star was forced to apologize after offensive tweets surfaced on the eve of the NFL Draft.

Allen’s Twitter history from 2012 to 2013 – when he was 16 and 17 years old – reveals that he used the N-word and said “if it ain’t white, it ain’t right,” according to Yahoo Sports.

He acknowledged the tweets to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith and apologized, saying he was “young and dumb,” ESPN reported.

Shaquem Griffin is one of the more unique prospects in the draft. He was born with a medical condition that forced doctors to amputate his left hand when he was just 4 years old.

That didn’t stop him, however, from recording 18.5 sacks and 195 tackles with the University of Central Florida during his college career. He helped the team go undefeated in 2017.

Griffin also put on a show during the NFL Scouting Combine. With a prosthetic left hand, Griffin posted 20 reps of 225 lbs on the bench press. He said afterward his personal record before that was 11 reps.

Griffin is looking to hear his name called in the first round, but a second-round selection is probably more likely, according to some experts.

2018 NFL Draft: Dates, times, how to watch and stream, full draft order for all seven rounds.

We’re just a few short hours from the 2018 NFL Draft. Yes, what figures to be one of the most interesting drafts in years begins at 8 p.m. when Commissioner Roger Goodell announces “with the first pick in the 2018 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns select …”

The 2018 NFL Draft is finally here!

Which quarterback will go first to the Browns? Could it be Baker Mayfield? What will the Browns do with their other top four pick? And just what are the Giants going to do with the No. 2 pick?

All these questions will be answered beginning in just a few hours. However, you probably have a few other questions such as when is and how you can watch the draft. We’ve got that covered here, along with the complete draft order.

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What time is the 2018 NFL Draft?

Here’s a breakdown of when each day of draft coverage begins:

Thursday: 8 p.m.
Friday: 7 p.m.
Saturday: 12 p.m.

Note: All times Eastern.
How to watch the NFL Draft

Here’s a breakdown of who will be airing live broadcasts of this year’s draft:

Thursday: NFL Network, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes
Friday: NFL Network, FOX Sports, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes
Saturday: NFL Network, ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes

Live stream: fuboTV (Try for free).

You can also get live analysis of all three days of the NFL Draft on CBS Sports HQ.
2018 NFL Draft order
Round 1

1. Cleveland Browns
2. New York Giants
3. New York Jets from Indianapolis Colts
4. Cleveland Browns from Houston Texans
5. Denver Broncos
6. Indianapolis Colts from New York Jets
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
8. Chicago Bears
9. San Francisco 49ers
10. Oakland Raiders
11. Miami Dolphins
12. Buffalo Bills from Cincinnati Bengals
13. Washington Redskins
14. Green Bay Packers
15. Arizona Cardinals
16. Baltimore Ravens
17. Los Angeles Chargers
18. Seattle Seahawks
19. Dallas Cowboys
20. Detroit Lions
21. Cincinnati Bengals from Buffalo Bills
22. Buffalo Bills from Kansas City Chiefs
23. New England Patriots from Los Angeles Rams
24. Carolina Panthers
25. Tennessee Titans
26. Atlanta Falcons
27. New Orleans Saints
28. Pittsburgh Steelers
29. Jacksonville Jaguars
30. Minnesota Vikings
31. New England Patriots
32. Philadelphia Eagles

MOCK DRAFT: Seven-round mock, including trades
Round 2

Pick (overall)
1 (33). Cleveland Browns
2 (34). New York Giants
3 (35). Cleveland Browns from Houston Texans
4 (36). Indianapolis Colts
5 (37). Indianapolis Colts from New York Jets
6 (38). Tampa Bay Buccaneers
7 (39). Chicago Bears
8 (40). Denver Broncos
9 (41). Oakland Raiders
10 (42). Miami Dolphins
11 (43). New England Patriots from San Francisco 49ers
12 (44). Washington Redskins
13 (45). Green Bay Packers
14 (46). Cincinnati Bengals
15 (47). Arizona Cardinals
16 (48). Los Angeles Chargers
17 (49). Indianapolis Colts from New York Jets through Seattle Seahawks
18 (50). Dallas Cowboys
19 (51). Detroit Lions
20 (52). Baltimore Ravens
21 (53). Buffalo Bills
22 (54). Kansas City Chiefs
23 (55). Carolina Panthers
24 (56). Buffalo Bills from Los Angeles Rams
25 (57). Tennesse Titans
26 (58). Atlanta Falcons
27 (59). San Francisco 49ers from New Orleans Saints
28 (60). Pittsburgh Steelers
29 (61). Jacksonville Jaguars
30 (62). Minnesota Vikings
31 (63). New England Patriots
32 (64). Cleveland Browns from Philadelphia Eagles

Expert Mock: Will Brinson
Round 3

Pick (overall)
1 (65). Buffalo Bills from Cleveland Browns
2 (66). New York Giants
3 (67). Indianapolis Colts
4 (68). Houston Texans
5 (69). New York Giants from Tampa Bay Buccaneers
6 (70). San Francisco 49ers from Chicago Bears
7 (71). Denver Broncos
8 (72). New York Jets
9 (73). Miami Dolphins
10 (74). San Francisco 49ers
11 (75). Oakland Raiders
12 (76). Green Bay Packers
13 (77). Cincinnati Bengals
14 (78). Kansas City Chiefs from Washington Redskins
15 (79). Arizona Cardinals
16 (80). Houston Texans from Seattle Seahawks
17 (81). Dallas Cowboys
18 (82). Detroit Lions
19 (83). Baltimore Ravens
20 (84). Los Angeles Chargers
21 (85). Carolina Panthers from Buffalo Bills
22 (86). Kansas City Chiefs
23 (87). Los Angeles Rams
24 (88). Carolina Panthers
25 (89). Tennessee Titans
26 (90). Atlanta Falcons
27 (91). New Orleans Saints
28 (92). Pittsburgh Steelers
29 (93). Jacksonville Jaguars
30 (94). Minnesota Vikings
31 (95). New England Patriots
32 (96). Buffalo Bills from Philadelphia Eagles
33 (97). Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory)
34 (98). Houston Texans (Compensatory)
35 (99). Denver Broncos (Compensatory)
36 (100). Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory

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